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Product Questions

Q: I usually shop from wholesaler/distributor catalogs. How can I find out about styles and colors available in the entire Hanes line?
A: You can request a current catalog and swatch card by calling 800-685-7557 or sending an email to hbi_service@hanesbrands.com. You can also browse our product line here on the web site in either the catalog or product locator Hanes Bullseye areas.

Q: What is ring-spun yarn?
A: Ring-spun yarn is a superior cotton yarn that results in a softer, more durable fabric than open-end yarn. The time-honored process of ring spinning requires two more processing steps than open-end yarn production and ring-spun yarn takes five times longer to produce.The additional steps involve continuously twisting and narrowing the rope of cotton fibers. This continuous fiber “helix” or twist gives ring-spun yarn extra softness and strength. The resulting garments feel softer wash after wash.

Q: Are your garments pre-shrunk?
A: Yes. We use a pre-shrinking process known as compaction. Compaction forces the same amount of fabric into a smaller area. Cotton is a natural fiber and will shrink. The purpose of compaction is that as the fiber shrinks, the compaction washes out. The net result is very low shrinkage.

Q: What does fabric weight mean (i.e. 6.1 oz.)?
A: It is the average fabric weight per square yard based on available color selection.

Q: What is the difference between the Hanes Beefy-T, the Tagless and the Hanes Heavyweight t-shirts?
A: The Beefy-T t-shirt is made from 100% ring-spun cotton yarn for a soft luxurious hand. This ring-spun yarn makes it softer and more durable. Beefy-T is the only major brand of t-shirts made with ring-spun yarn. Most t-shirts are made with open-end yarn. Tagless® t-shirts are made from 100% ComfortSoft® cotton yarn with a tag-free label, so no more itchy scratchy necks. Both shirts have premium features such as shoulder-to-shoulder taping, coverseamed neck and double-needle sleeve and bottom hems. The Hanes Heavyweight is made from 5.2 oz 100% ComfortSoft® cotton yarn and features taped neck and double-needle bottom and sleeve hems.

Q: What is PrintPro® XP fleece fabric?
A: PrintPro® XP means eXtra Performance. This new fleece fabric is: low pill - made with airject yarn, has a tighter canvas - 5% tighter than the original PrintPro fabric, and is more durable - the combination of airjet yarn and tighter knit surface improves the after wash appearance wash after wash.

Q: What is Hanes StayClean®?
A: Hanes StayClean® is a collection of sportshirts that offers dual-action stain protection. First, the fabric resists staining by repelling nasty spills and drips. Next, the stubborn stains that may set into the fabric are released during the wash, so the shirt will look newer longer. Hanes StayClean® sportshirts are offered in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes for men, women and children.

Q: Can Hanes produce products with my company's private label?
A: We can assist customers in determining the best method of procuring private label products either through label-change contractor resources or a large volume in-house private label manufacturing program. For more information contact our National Accounts Sales Representatives at 336-519-4474.

Purchasing Questions

Q: What is HOB Central?
A: HOB Central is a supplemental pick-pack service for Hanes | Outer Banks wholesale customers. Wholesalers will take orders for the products in HOB Central stock and Hanes will pick and package the goods and ship them to the final destination. Distribution centers in Ontario, CA (Southern CA) and Elizabethtown, KY (near Louisville) will support the program, each carrying the full line of available products. Approximately 80% of the US will be serviced in 2 days. Eleven HOB Central wholesalers will share the inventory in the distribution centers.

Q: Where can I buy/find Hanes products?
A: Hanes products are sold through a large network of wholesale distributors. You can use our Wholesaler Listing and Product Locator services to help you locate the products you need at a distributor close to you. The Product Locator service is also available via phone at 800-685-7557.

Q: Can I buy direct from Hanes?
A: Yes, however, it is often more advantageous to order from one of our wholesalers/distributors because they offer many services, such as lower freight costs, one day service, small order quantities, credit cards, etc., not available through direct purchase.

Q: How do I qualify to buy from a wholesaler/distributor?
A: Most wholesalers require that you are a registered business with a tax identification number. Other requirements may vary according to the wholesaler. You will need to check with the wholesaler for other requirements. Use our Wholesaler Listing to find complete contact information for each of our wholesalers.

Q: I understand that wholesalers will not accept returns of printed/embellished garments that have manufacturer defects.
A: We stand behind all of our manufactured garments and we require the same of our wholesalers. Wholesalers should accept returns of your printed/embellished garments with manufacturer defects.

Q: How/where can I purchase off-quality and close-out products?
A: To find a complete listing of our closeout styles and colors visit our Product Locator. To purchase direct - contact our off-quality Sales Manager at 1-800-685-7557.

Q: Is there a sales representative for my area?
A: Yes , please call Customer Service at 800-685-7557 to contact the sales representative from your area

Questions About Our Web Site

Q: What is the Hanes Bullseye?
A: Hanes Bullseye refers to our product locating services both on our web site and toll free number 1-800-685-7557. You can use these services to help you quickly and easily find out which wholesaler/distributor has the Hanes product you need in stock.

Q: Why should I register on this web site?
A: Registering with Hanes ensures that you stay informed about current product information and marketing promotions. The web site offers time saving product locator features such as preferred wholesalers and display settings and automatic recognition for forms and promotions! Registered members also have access to special features such as downloading logos and high resolution images, the Business Locator listing and the Build Your Own Sell Sheet service.

Q: How often do you update the inventory information on the Hanes Bullseye?
A: Wholesaler/distributor information is updated daily and reflects inventory availability as of close of business the previous day.

Q: Can I use Hanes’ logos and images in my advertising and sales materials?
A: Yes. If you are a registered member, you can download web and print ready artwork from the Image Library. The Image Library provides you with access to both high and low resolution images to use for creating outstanding printed materials or web sites. Available images include model photography, product photography and brand logos.

Q: I have a web site for my business; can I link to the Hanes Printables web site?
A: Yes. If you are a registered member, you can download the Hanes logos from our site to use as the link.

Q: How do I add a link to the site on my Android?
A: To add a link to your home page for this site, follow these steps:
1. visit the site on your Android device
2. bookmark the home page
3. open the “bookmarks” screen, then long-press the bookmark
4. select “Add to Home Screen”